Book Covers Matter!

Are you looking for a great book cover that captures your vision and makes a statement?

Promotional Flyers Speak volumes!

Never again setup the perfect event just to have your promo flyers look less than par. Let me help you make your event stand out and shine. Bring attention to your event and leave your mark from top to bottom! (VIEW SAMPLE FLYER PACKAGE)


Pre-Made Covers that excite! Great Pricing! 

Pre-Designed Book & E-Covers at great prices starting at $90.00 / Great quality 300dpi / Fast Turnaround Click (HERE) for Details!

Executing your vision!

Let BlackEncryoption Designs take your personal photo to the next level . See a before and after preview (HERE)


CD Covers Unlock your Vision 

What can I say CD covers can make or break your overall product. When your spending hours in the studio crafting your musical art why not have your CD cover shine just as bright. As a music producer I know the importance of polishing off a project and it doesn't stop with music. Your CD Cover need to be professional while capturing every emotion of your music!

Need Music for your project - BlackBeatz !

Great music should always come from the soul and tell a story. Black "The Beat Therapist" welcomes you and your eardrums : Take a listen (HERE)

Get Encrypted !

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About: BlackEncryption Designs founded by Kenny Black is dedicated to next level branding, Book Covers, CD Covers, Flyers, Image Enhancements, Movie Posters, DVD Covers and More! With 3+ years as a Graphic Designer and 15+ years of high level Corporate Information Technology experience BlackEncryption Designs has the skill and know how to make your creative visions a reality!

BlackEncrption Designs uses industry standard Adobe PhotoShop to create the best quality designs with precision & creativity.