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I AM...

Inspired by creativity and imagination at the age of 16 she began writing poetry to deal with a heartbreaking loss. Poetry became her comfort in a growing world of uncertainty, It was through poetry that became her way to express her feelings. As time passed Tammie found another passion, a passion to create unique gifts. Tammie's first personalized gift  was a framed personalized poem. From there the Poetic Design seed was planted and grew, Poetry Gift Baskets, Pillows, Centerpieces, Gift Favors, Invitations, Delicious Baked goods and more.

Poetic Designs A New Jersey Based Company | Email: ceotam@poeticdesigns.net

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Passion Beyond Business

Poetically Designed

In 2009 Tammie took her love of poetry to another level and started her own social networking site: poeticdesigns.ning.com which ran thru 2013 and  now closed. The site was created for the likes of all creative minds to come together to Showcase, Network & Shine. A ‘home’ to creative artists of all arts as Poetry, Music, Dancing, Designing, Art, Hairdressing, any and all things creative. Tammie’s mission is to bring people together and vibe off each other’s talents thus making the creativity grow even more. She believes people can feed off each other and create beautiful chemistry 2012 became even bigger for Tammie as she was offered her own BlogTalkRadio show called Poetic Designs Radio under the 6thManRadio umbrella.In 2014 after two years with 6thManRadio Tammie started her own station Poetic Designs Radio and has 5 different shows that run under her station further expanding her brand.  Tammie aka Ms. PD on PD RADIO is joined weekly, every Tuesday night from 8:30-10 pm Est. with her Co-Host Black and together they offer listeners a refreshing show of Real Talk, Music and Creative Artists Spotlights. Under the 6thManRadio team they have well over 500,000 listeners worldwide. You can listen to all their past and present shows at: poeticdesigns.net/pdradio Tammie also released a book in 2012 called: The Sisters' Fight; A Poetic Anthology of Awareness, a collaboration with 3 other authors to bring awareness to Cancer and Bullying with 30% proceeds going to charity. The book is no longer in circulation.   September 2014 Tammie released her 1st spoken word EP titled: POETICALLY DESIGNED on soundcloud produced exclusively by soul producer Black District and 1st music video for her single I AM and receives rave reviews. Also featured in another book titled: Spoken Word For the Soul From The Soul by Sharon Lawrence. May of 2015 Tammie left her job of 16 years as manager for an ophthalmology practice to give 100% to her Poetic Designs business. For 2016 there is no limit to what Tammie will do with her Poetic Designs brand. New exciting projects are in the works. A cameo role in a mini movie video called THE STORM by artist Frankie Storm. She is a contributing writer on a new book THE VIEW, penning 3 poems, just released in April an erotic novel by Author Untamed. She has been featured in on many blog sites, radio interviews ( Including Ms. Cleo) and she's definitely one to watch!


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